lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Italy Trip

About two weeks ago I went with my class to Italy! It was the trip for ending our time in Casa Nostra (although there's one term to end yet). So we went for five days in Italy.

We took the plane at the airport of Barcelona and we arrived about 10 a.m to Milan. There we took a bus and it took us to Sirmeone, a very beautiful and small town next to the Lago di Garda. We had lunch there and we went across the town. We could see the big lake. Then in the afternoon we went to Verona. We could see the amphitheatre and the house of Romeo of Juliet. It's a beautiful city.
On the second day we went to Venice, a very curious city sorrounded by water. We could see the big canals, the old part of the city and the Plaza Sant Marco. A very beautiful square with a big church.
Then on the third day se arrived to Firenze. That was the city I enjoyed most, especially because I could see Santa Maria del Fiore, an awesome church! We could also rise the top of Santa Maria and saw excellent views of the city. We stayed in Firenze two days and on the third and the last day we went to Pisa. I have to say that i expected more of the tower. But it was also great.

Finally, we got on the plane in Firenze, we arrived to Barcelona, we took a bus and we arrived to Banyoles at about 1:30 a.m.

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Writing 9

Write a narrative with a dialogue

Last week I was with my friend walking on the street when we found an envelope with 1000€ in!

When we saw it we looked if there were anybody watching to as, but we were alone there with the envelope. We discused about what could we do: one one hand we wanted it for us, but we also knew that the best thing we could do was to returne it to the police.

The discussion arrived at the end when a well-dressed man came and asked 'Sorry guys, have you found an envelope with 1000€ inside it? I loose it here in the street while I was returning home.'. 'Yes!' Said my friend. 'But how we can know that you aren't an impostor?'  'The envelope has got a photo of me iniside it.' Affirmed the man. We oppened again the envelope and we saw the photo. It was the envelope that he was founding.

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

New Game Of Thrones episode

This post contains spoilers for the 4th episode of Season 5

Season 5, Episode 4: “The Sons of the Harpy”

Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones” felt like the first one of the fifth season to have a bit of the old verve. After Season 4 capped off so many subplots — Tywin vs. Tyrion, Arya vs. the Hound and Night’s Watch vs. the Wildlings, among others — the first few episodes back had to set several new pieces of the story into motion. This was the first hour in which they felt like they were cruising along under their own power.

Parallel developments transpired all over the known world. The Lannister brothers each took fateful boat trips, religious sects sparked panic in the streets of King’s Landing and Meereen, and Rhaegar Targaryen, a dead cypher who nevertheless casts a broad shadow over this story, made what I think was his first substantive appearance in the show, as the subject of lore, in separate conversations held thousands of miles apart.

It was also a brutal week, after the expository drift of the first few episodes — though Janos, Mance Rayder and a few flayed northerners might counter that they were plenty eventful — gave way to blood-letting from sea to narrow sea. Ser Barristan and that greedy Pentosi ship captain arguably got the worst of it, but there was plenty to go around.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi Carves Up Bayern Munich in Champions League Semifinals

BARCELONA, Catalonia — He knew. Of course he knew. Pep Guardiola spent four remarkable years as the coach at Barcelona, won 14 trophies at Barcelona, saw Lionel Messi score more than 200 goals for Barcelona. When Guardiola, who now coaches Bayern Munich, said Tuesday that Messi was “unstoppable,” it was not hyperbole. It was simply the truth from a man who could not lie.

And Guardiola was right. Bayern Munich tried anyway; the Bavarians tried everything, really. Physical play. High-pressure defending. Even a risky three-back defensive scheme that lasted fewer than 20 minutes before Guardiola realized he was doing the soccer equivalent of playing with dynamite.

In the end, there was no escaping. Messi teased and tantalized without a payoff until late into the second half Wednesday night. Yet, when the inevitable finally arrived with about 13 minutes remaining, it was as enchanting as anything Messi has ever produced.

First, there was the sheer power, a lashed shot from outside the penalty area that burrowed into the corner of the net. Then, three minutes later, there was the artist’s touch, a breathtaking run that felled defender Jérôme Boateng as if he had been knocked unconscious, followed by a devilish chip over the goalkeeper that sent the Camp Nou stadium into hysterics and Guardiola, on the sideline, into the emptiest of stares.

Writing 7

Giving an opinion

The goverment wants to introduce a new law which is about introducing school on saturday mornigs for improve the level of knowledge of the students. This is completly sure that it'll have negative consequences.

First of all, if the law is introduced, teenagers and students will be tired because five days of going to school are heavy, so if they introduce one more, it will be more heavy. So then students won't be able to improve his level because they will be 'out'.

Furthermore, I think that this isn't the solution for improve the level of the education, because if with five days it doesn't work, with six neither.

In conclusion, five days are more than enough and the goverment have to think about other plans for improve the knowledge of the students.

Writing 8

About an experience

Last year I went to live in Australia. It was just arriving there and I wanted to come back to Banyoles: the temperature, the language, the cars (that they drive by the right) and my luggage! Well my luggage, I didn''t had luggage because the aerolines company sent it to India not to Australia.

I was staying in a house in the middle of the desert. It was horrible! Alone in the desert, surrounded by sand, with no internet connection and with a lot of wild animals. In one night, I was hungry, so I got up and I went to the kitchen, and just at the middle of the table I saw a snake! Fortunelly it wasn't venomous.

The only think I wanted to do was to take a plane and come back to Catalonia. I went to Sydney, at the airport, and there all the things changed: I saw a man who was selling lottery tickets and while I was waiting to buy the return ticket I bought one number of the lottery of that day, just for the compassion of the poor man. There at the airport I could see the lottery. The winner number was the one that I got at the pocket! After this, all my life changed. Now I'm living in Sydney, with a wife and four children.

Apologize for a misunderstanding

Security guard: Excuse me. Can I have a word with you?
Dean: Yes. Is there a problem?
Security guard: I'm afraid so. Did you know that this is a private property?
Dean: No, I didn't.
Security guard: Didn't you see the sign?
Dean: No, I'm afraid not.
Security guard: Have you been here before to skateboard?
Dean: No, I live out of town.
Security guard: Well, if I were you, I'd look for a different place.
Dean: OK. Sorry about that. I didn't realize.
Security guard: That's OK. Remember for next time.